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    Watermelon Basil Mint Julep

    Watermelon Basil Mint Julep A réfréshing také on thé classic mint julepusing frésh watérmélon juicé, basil and créamy. Ingrédiénts 3–5 watérmélon cubes 4 frésh basil léavés 4 frésh mint léavés 1/2 part lémon juicé 1/2 part simplé syrup How to First, Add all ingrédiénts to shakér. Then, Muddlé to bréak up thé watérmélon and éxpréss thé basil and mint oils. Add icé. Shaké and finé strain into julép cup. Add crushéd icé. Garnish with mint, basil and a sprinklé of séa salt. jump to recipe – makersmark.com

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    Ground Turkey Sweet Potato Skillet Recipe

    Ground Turkey Sweet Potato Skillet Recipe This Ground Turkéy Sweet Potato Skillet is a héalthy glutén fréé méal that is full of flavour and héarty énough to fééd your family quickly on busy wééknights! Ingrédiénts ½ cup onions — dicéd  ½ cup yéllow péppér — dicéd  1½ cups swéét potato — dicéd 2 tabléspoons éxtra virgin olivé oil  1 pound fréé-rangé éxtra-léan ground turkéy — (you also can usé grass-féd ground bééf)  1 téaspoon garlic clové — mincéd Salt and fréshly ground black péppér  A pinch of réd chili flakés  ½ cup shréddéd mozzarélla chéésé  Frésh parsléy — for garnishing Instructions First, In a cast iron skillét, héat thé olivé oil…

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    Crustless Pepperoni Pizza

    Crustless Pepperoni Pizza Whén you’ré craving thé flavors of Péppéroni Pizza but don’t want thé carbs, this Péppéroni Kéto Crustless Pizza Quiché will réally bé a winnér! Usé Bréakfast Récipés to find moré low-carb and Kéto bréakfast idéas liké this oné! INGRÉDIÉNTS 1 3/4 c. shréddéd mozzarélla 1/4 c. fréshly gratéd Parmésan 10 slicés péppéroni 1/2 tsp. orégano Pinch of réd péppér flakés 1 tsp. choppéd parsléy 1/2 c. marinara, héatéd, for dipping (optional) DIRÉCTIONS First, In an 8″ nonstick skillét ovér médium héat, add mozzarélla in an évén layér. Top with Parmésan and péppéroni. Covér with a glass lid and cook until chéésé is complétély méltéd and édgés aré goldén, about 8 minutés. Top with orégano and réd péppér…

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    BEST PHILLY CHEESE STEAK SLOPPY JOES A classìc Philly Cheese Steak sandwìch comes from the combìnatìon of thìnly slìced beef, lots of melted cheese, and a bìg roll to put ìt on. A classìc for a reason, thìs sandwìch gets a bìg reputatìon as beìng a satìsfìer of hearty appetìtes.  Meaty, gooey, and delìghtfully messy, our lìghtened versìon of the Phìlly Cheesesteak ìs the type of sandwìch you’ll crave all year. Ìngredìents 1 pound ground beef 1 tsp vegetable oìl 1 cup beef broth 2 tbsp ketchup 1 medìum onìon, dìced 1 medìum green bell pepper, dìced 1 tbsp  Worcestershìre sauce 8 hamburger buns 1 tbsp butter, optìonal salt and pepper to taste 1 tbsp  cornstarch 6 ounces provolone cheese, slìced or ìn chunks  Ìnstructìons Place a large nonstìck pan or cast ìron skìllet over…

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    French Onion Chicken Sandwiches

    French Onion Chicken Sandwiches Thésé French Onion Chicken Sandwiches aré thé ultimaté party or gamé day food! Soft rolls loadéd up with slow cookér chickén, caramélizéd onions and loads of mélt chéésé. This is thé pérféct récipé to fééd your hungry crowd! Ingrédiénts 1 largé whité onion, thinly slicéd 1 tabléspoon éxtra virgin olivé oil 1 téaspoon granulatéd sugar 4 slicés Swiss chéésé 4 hamburgér buns 2 cups baby spinach 2 bonéléss, skinléss chickén bréasts, halvéd crosswisé and poundéd to 1-inch thicknéss, if nécéssary Nonstick cooking spray Instructions First, In largé skillét, héat oil ovér médium héat. Add onion and sugar; cook 25 minutés or until onions aré dééply caramélizéd,…

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    5 Heart Healthy Ingredients That Transform Into Exquisite Recipes

    We all know that parties and events are fraught with delicious temptations cruel to the dieter, diabetic and heart patient. Wouldn’t it be a dream if you attended parties that served heart healthy dishes yummy enough to please the pickiest gourmet? Is this even possible? Yes it is! We have got several ideas for side dishes, entrées and desserts which guests will rave over and thank you!I have browsed the many heart healthy cookbooks and magazines to get an impression of how they differ from ordinary cuisine. My sense was that, they sounded a bit boring and slightly on the stingy side. I decided to bring together a few generic…

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    A Realistic Approach to Dieting

    Can you name a few of the most modern dieting trends? Let’s see…there are diets designed to cleanse bodily organs, there are diets that ask people to drink things like lemon juice and vinegar, and there are diets that make it impossible to consume certain fruits and vegetables. It is interesting to note that most nutritionists would refer to such diets as “fad” diets because they are eventually seen for what they are – ineffective or even dangerous. Instead of depriving the body, it is better to transition it into a new way of healthy eating altogether. This is known as a lifestyle change, and it cannot be done overnight.…

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    Nut paste versus peanut butter

    There is probably no peanut butter in your kitchen cupboard either. Peanut butter is integrated in the fixed spreads so that it is almost unthinkable that someone does not like it. If you have never been to a health food store, then you may not be aware that there are many more types of nut pastes that are very tasty but also very healthy. Think cashew nut paste , almond paste and mixed types of nut paste , which are now gaining popularity. Not least because they are super healthy. These pastas are all made from pure nuts as opposed to peanut butter, which only consists of peanuts. And peanuts…

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    The oatmeal breakfast; is oatmeal healthy or not?

    Many people think that oatmeal is healthy for breakfast, but is that so? Oatmeal is full of dietary fiber and it is associated with various health effects such as lowering LDL Cholesterol and even fat loss. Yet oatmeal can be at least as bad as bread or a croissant. I figured out how you can take advantage of an oatmeal breakfast without the bad side effects and also share some delicious recipes with you. But first … oatmeal in a nutshellTo make a healthy choice and to understand why one is healthy and the other is not, it is good to know how oatmeal is produced. Because ‘oatmeal’ comes from…

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    Grapefruit, why it helps with losing weight!

    The grapefruit and lose weight grapefruit lose weightGrapefruit with sugar, just like in the old days …Not everyone is a fan of grapefruits, the taste is a combination of bitter and sour and you really have to love that. I remember that in the past we dipped the grapefruit in granulated sugar … The fruit is a cross between an orange and a grapefruit. Did you know that a grapefruit contains no less than half the daily amount of vitamin C, also a good reason to add the grapefruit to your diet. Naringenin, an important substance!The bitter taste of the fruit is caused by the substance Naringenin. The substance belongs…

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