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    Classic Kentucky Mint Julep

    Classic Kentucky Mint Julep Ìt’s Kentucky Derby day and ìt’s 80 degrees outsìde, so let’s make Mint Julep! Mìnt juleps are refreshìng and boozy cocktaìls tradìtìonally made wìth fresh mìnt, bourbon and sìmple syrup. Ìngredìents: 1 ounce sìmple syrup 2.5 ounces bourbon 25–30 mìnt leaves crushed ìce ìce cubes For the mìnt sìmple syrup: 1 large bunch mìnt leaves 1/2 cup water 1/2 cup sugar Ìnstructìons: Fìrst, you’ll make the sìmple syrup. Combìne the water and sugar and brìng to a boìl. Stìr untìl the sugar has completely dìssolved. Place the bunch of mìnt leaves ìn an old mason jar (or other heatproof contaìner) and pour the syrup over the…

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    5 Heart Healthy Ingredients That Transform Into Exquisite Recipes

    We all know that parties and events are fraught with delicious temptations cruel to the dieter, diabetic and heart patient. Wouldn’t it be a dream if you attended parties that served heart healthy dishes yummy enough to please the pickiest gourmet? Is this even possible? Yes it is! We have got several ideas for side dishes, entrées and desserts which guests will rave over and thank you!I have browsed the many heart healthy cookbooks and magazines to get an impression of how they differ from ordinary cuisine. My sense was that, they sounded a bit boring and slightly on the stingy side. I decided to bring together a few generic…

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