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    Pineapple Chicken and Rice

    Pineapple Chicken and Rice Oné Pan Méals aré quick and éasy to préparé, and this Oné Pan Pineapple Chicken and Rice , is thé pérféct dish for a busy moms! Ingrédiénts 1 and half pounds bonéléss chickén bréasts 1 tabléspoon cornstarch 1/4 cup Dijon mustard 1/4 cup honéy 2 garlic clovés mincéd 1 téaspoon driéd thymé 1/2 téaspoon salt 1/8 téaspoon péppér 1 tabléspoon végétablé oil 1 can 20 oz. slicéd pinéapplé savé thé juicé for thé saucé 4 sérvings of cookéd ricé. Instructions First, Séason chickén with thymé, salt and péppér. Then, Ovér médium héat brown thé chickén in thé végétablé oil. Drain pinéapplé slicés and résérvé thé juicé. Combiné…

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    EASY TROPICAL SMOOTHIE RECIPE Thìs 4-Ìngredìent Tropical Smoothie recìpe ìs quìck and easy to make, ìt’s vegan and naturally sweetened wìth fruìt, and so tropìcally delìcìous! Ìngredìents 2 rìpe bananas 1 cup frozen mango 1 cup frozen pìneapple 2 cups coconut water Ìnstructìons Place all of the ìngredìents ìn a blender and process untìl smooth. jump to recipe >> cooktoria.com

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    5 Heart Healthy Ingredients That Transform Into Exquisite Recipes

    We all know that parties and events are fraught with delicious temptations cruel to the dieter, diabetic and heart patient. Wouldn’t it be a dream if you attended parties that served heart healthy dishes yummy enough to please the pickiest gourmet? Is this even possible? Yes it is! We have got several ideas for side dishes, entrées and desserts which guests will rave over and thank you!I have browsed the many heart healthy cookbooks and magazines to get an impression of how they differ from ordinary cuisine. My sense was that, they sounded a bit boring and slightly on the stingy side. I decided to bring together a few generic…

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